The Tech Giants


Introduction Who controls the information on the web, the people? No, Google controls 89% of the marketshare for search engines worldwide, and the closest contender to that is the Bing search engine with a 9% market share. Most of the information found online is going to be sourced through the Google Search Engine and Bing. As a result, many of the smaller companies in the informational technology industry cannot compete with the likes of these technology giants.

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The Reason ToS;DR Matters

2023-07-10 | #FreeSoftware #TOSDR

What is Tos;DR The Terms of Service: Didn’t read project ( Which I’m referring to as ToS;DR) was started in June 2012. This project was introduced to me a long time ago, on of the sites rated ‘C’ by ToS;DR, of course on YouTube. This projects aims to ’to help fix the biggest lie on the web’, which by their own website is that ‘almost no one really reads the terms of service we agree to all the time’.

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My Journey to Arch Linux


Intro Arch Linux is a great distribution. There is zero doubt about that. The syntax of the package manager, the choice by default, and among other things the wiki. But how did I even get to using arch Linux? Well- it was a long history, and that history is super long and complicated. How I originally used Linux As a child, at age 7, I installed Ubuntu. I actually ended up having the home machine drive entirely wiped with nothing to boot.

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Buying The Steam Deck


Why First off- im a Linux nerd. I run Arch Linux, and love it.. I have been in the market for a console- or at least something i can play on that i have games on. All my consoles are gone currently. While my laptop currently doesn’t have enough storage. The only computer i have that can play games is a my laptop currently, and that is completely fine. I will be getting a whole new PC soon too, from a relative of mine.

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My First Post


Hello World! This is my blog. Theme was made by Gabriele Musco. Anyway my name is Evan, also known as fbievan- I’m currently a 16 year old teenager messing around with things on the internet. I’m currently in high school, and I really love FOSS software I’ll be talking about random stuff

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